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Thermophysical Properties of Solutions of Iron (III) Nitrate-Nonahydrate in Mixtures of Ethanol and Water


  • Alexander Keller
  • Irenàˆus Wlokas
  • Maximilian Kohns
  • Hans Hasse



The quality of nanoparticles that are obtained by spray flame synthesis depends strongly on the thermophysical properties of the precursor solutions. Solutions of iron(III)nitrate-nonahydrate (INN) in ethanol are interesting precursor solutions for the production of iron oxide nanoparticles in these processes. However, no data on thermophysical properties of solutions of INN in ethanol are available in the literature. Therefore, in the present work, the specific density, viscosity, thermal conductivity and molar isobaric heat capacity of solutions of INN in solvent mixtures of ethanol and water were measured at 101.3 kPa between 288.15 and 333.15 K, solvent compositions ranging from pure ethanol to pure water, and INN molalities up to 1.3 mol kg-1. Empirical correlations of the experimental data are provided.


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