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Determination of surgical robot tool force requirements through tissue manipulation and suture force measurement




force measurement, robotics, surgery, surgical robotics, tool force


Through the use of a cadaveric porcine model, forces necessary for manipulation of the abdominal organs were evaluated using an instrumented probe. Additionally, forces for tissue puncture, knot tightening, and suture breakage have been measured in order to determine the requirements placed upon the design of novel robotic surgical tools. The break forces for a variety of suture sizes and types were evaluated including sizes 3-0 through 7-0 polypropylene, size 1 polybutestor, size 4-0 chromic gut, and size 6-0 braided polyester. Tests of the tissue puncture force and knot tightening forces were carried out using the same instrumented probe, while the suture break forces were measured using a tension testing machine. The measured forces were found to compare well against the literature and provide a good basis from which to design robotic surgical tools with the appropriate capabilities.


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