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Global Engineering Projects from the Young African Leaders Initiative




domestic internationalization, global, global design project, humanitarian engineering


In this paper several projects that integrate globalization issues into undergraduate engineering and technology coursework are discussed. The Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders brings African entrepreneurs to United States campuses for six weeks every summer, providing an excellent opportunity to identify potential clients for global engineering class projects. Many of the fellows could benefit from having access to engineering skills to grow their businesses. The university’s engineering faculty partnered with fellows on projects in freshman Impacts of Engineering, junior Lean Manufacturing, and senior Capstone Design classes. Projects have included conceptual product design, detailed product design, process selection, manufacturing equipment design, and facilities design. Several engineering and technology majors have participated in the projects. The highlight is a micro-hydroelectric generator design project spanning several classes and semesters. The projects are similar to traditional class projects and cover all existing course objectives. Students are also required to research and apply international standards, including product, safety and facility standards. Students also must consider the appropriate level of technology, humanitarian engineering aspects, and societal impact of the design. Assessment of the international component of one project allows programs to evaluate performance indicators on the global and societal impact of designs as part of ABET Outcome H assessment. The projects are also part of a larger humanitarian engineering initiative at the institution, and are assessed through surveys for that initiative. Submitted to the 2017 ASEE Annual Conference


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