Preprint / Version 1

Critical Buckling Load of Thin-Walled Plastic Cylinders in Axial and Radial Loading: Overview and FEA Case Study




buckling failure, polymer testing, Structural design, thin-walled structures


This technical note discusses the theoretical static buckling load of thin-walled plastic cylinders under axial and radial loading. While the buckling of thin-walled cylinders is a well-researched topic, a variety of new design and manufacturing methods, as well as advances in polymer technologies, have brought plastic structures into prominence in recent years, necessitating a re-examination and exploration of their behavior under buckling loads. This work provides a background review of the problem, a discussion of the appropriate buckling equations, an extensive case study to demonstrate the concepts, and a brief review of some previously developed thin-walled structure reinforcement techniques. The presented work and results are intended to provide a helpful perspective, background review, and starting place for future research on the buckling behavior of thin plastic structures.


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