Preprint / Version 1

Novel method for handling Ethereum attack


  • G. Hall
  • Mansi M
  • Makrant I



Block-chain, Decentralized Application, Decentralized Autonomous Organization, Ethereum, node, Operating System, Proof-Of-Stake, Proof-of-work, Scaling


Block-chain world is very dynamic and there is need for strong governance and underlying technology architecture to be robust to face challenges. This paper considers Ethereum, a leading block chain. We deep dive into the nature of this block chain, wherein for software upgrades forks are performed. They types of forks and impact is discussed. A specific Ethereum hack led to a hard fork and focus is provided on understanding the hack and overcoming it from a novel approach. The current model has been unable to handle multiple Ethereum attacks. Thus the current approach is compared against a novel approach providing a security and scaling solution. Here the architecture draws upon combining block-chain layers into operating system level. The approach can have tremendous benefits to block chain world and improve the way decentralized application teams perform. The benefits of the novel architecture is discussed. The approach helps safe guard block chain projects, making them safer and chain agnostic.


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