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The Air in the Cabin of Passenger Aircraft Is Not as Good As Is Often Assumed - Backgrounds, Possible Solutions and Their Implementation




air, aircraft, aviation, bearing, cabin, CACE, contamination, crew, deicing, engine, filter, fluid, fume, hydraulic, leakage, oil, passenger, pilot, seal, sensor, smoke, systems, TCP


Fume or smoke events have already been observed on many flights of large passenger aircraft. These events can be explained by sudden failures of seals on the bearings of jet engines, which results in pyrolized engine oil to reach the passenger cabin. But there are also many other ways in which cabin air can be contaminated. Contamination can also be caused by hydraulic or deicing fluid. Pilots, cabin crew and passengers have become ill from such singular events as they themselves report and as confirmed by medical professionals. But even without having ever experienced such a single event, pilots and cabin crew have fallen ill. This could be explained by the small amounts of oil that regularly leak from the seals.


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