Preprint / Version 8

Multiple Sensor Interface by the same hardware to USB and serial connection




Oscillators, Sensor systems and applications, Design aiming for reuse, repurpose, repair, customization


The Multiple Sensor Interface is a simple sensor interface that works with USB, RS485 and GPIO. It allows one to make measurements using a variety of sensors based on the change of inductance, resistance, capacitance, and frequency using the same connector and same electronic interface circuit between the sensor and the microcontroller. The same device also provides some additional connectors for small voltage measurement. Any sensors used for the measurement of distinct phenomena can be used if the sensor output is based on inductance, resistance, capacitance or frequency within the measurement range of the device, obtaining a variable precision depending on the used sensor. The device presented is not meant for precise or accurate measurements. It is meant to be a reusable hardware that can be adapted/configured to a varied number of distinct situations, providing, to the user, more freedom in sensor selection as well as more options for device/system maintenance or reuse.


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2021-07-19 — Updated on 2022-05-18