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A Novel Passive Ferrofluid One-way (Check) Valve




Microfluidics, Magents, Check Valve, one way valve, ferrofluid


Small pumps and valves enable flow management in microfluidic systems. A novel passive ferrofluid check valve is presented. The valve consists of only a unique channel-and-chamber geometry, ferrofluid, and a stationary magnetic field. The flow is determined only by the inlet and output pressure, and the magnetic field is completely static. The prototype valve and experimental setup are explained and performance of the valves cracking and collapse pressure reported. This initial design can be used for microfluid handling and lab-on-a-chip applications.


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Author Biographies

Veronica Stuckey, Public Invention

Veronica is a graduate from The University of Texas at Austin, earning a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering.  Her interests lie primarily in medical devices, focusing on CAD and mechanically related aspects of such devices. Post-graduation, she works as an R&D Engineer, developing resecting devices and hysteroscopes for polyp and fibroid removal in the intrauterine lining. Past projects and work include an autonomous intubation system, T-cell antigen research, and macrophage response in progressively stiffened environments, mimicking tumor progression. In addition, she volunteers at Public Invention, a nonprofit organization that aims to create innovations for the public by the public.

Robert Read, Public Invention

Robert L. Read, PhD Founder and Head Coach at Public Invention

Robert L. Read, PhD, founded Public Invention in 2019, 35 years after first being inspired to do so by Buckminster Fuller. He is a professional computer programmer and manager, and amateur scientist, physicist, and mathematician, mycologist and electrical engineer. He speaks Esperanto fluently. He hopes that 20 years from now you will be able to go to a party and say, “I’m a Public Inventor” and have everyone know what that means.

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