Preprint / Version 3

Different Aspects of Smoke Impact in case of Big Fires




Smoke pollution, Firefighting, Urban fires, Forest fires, Downtown burning experiments


Current research shows the importance of applying fire science to explore how urban and forest big fires can be controlled as well as the reduction of the environmental impact due to smoke. This includes a better understanding of the fire phenomena and development of firefighting methods. Although there are great differences in the firefighting tactics for extinguishing different types of large fires, these big fires are usually similar in their large impact on the surrounding environment and the people due to the emitted smoke. It is possible that the pollutant in a fire might contain carcinogenic dioxins. In the present study, several case studies of big fires are examined with the conclusion that the scientific aspects of fire safety management and firefighting operation have to be further explored. This includes innovative and extraordinary firefighting tactics of forest firefighting using counter-fire as well as understanding the smoke hazards in closed-space fire. Exploring new relevant upstream fire scientific phenomena is important. Fire safety management is highlighted.


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2022-05-10 — Updated on 2022-06-02