Preprint / Version 1

Error analysis of stress-strain characterisation on solid-state polymers under simple shear deformation using V-Notched Rail shear test


  • Nan Li Imperial College London
  • Hongyan Wang
  • Zerong Ding
  • Haibao Liu



simple shear;, V-Notched Rail (VNR) shear test;, large deformation; stress-strain behaviour; two-step correction


In the present research, the errors for characterising the stress-strain behaviour under simple shear deformation are identified via theoretical analysis and experimental and numerical studies, based on the V-Notched Rail (VNR) shear tests performed on the solid-state Poly-Ether-Ether-Ketone (PEEK). By analysing the stress-strain behaviour of PEEK obtained from numerical simulations, the errors caused by the rotation factor and the nonuniformity factor are mathematically linked to the deformation. A two-step correction method is proposed to correct the calculation errors and, therefore, to obtain real stress-strain behaviour. This correction method is then validated using the VNR shear test conducted on the PEEK. Besides, this correction method is also examined by two sets of VNR shear simulations performed at a different testing condition with PEEK and on a different material (Polyamide 6, PA6). Both numerical and experimental results show that, at large deformation (when the effective strain is higher than 0.1) of solid-state polymers under VNR shear deformation, the calculation errors are nonnegligible, and the proposed two-step correction method can correct the VNR shear test results. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, this research is the first time to thoroughly analyse the simple shear deformation, and evaluate the calculation errors on the effective stress-strain properties of solid-state polymers characterised through the VNR shear tests. The proposed two-step correction method is proven to be robust and can be adapted to other solid-state polymers under different testing conditions.


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