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The SAR reduction of a Two substrate multi feed antenna




This paper presents a virtual view of antenna specific absorption rate minimization is presented, the benefits, procedure, objective and results on the same. Today fiber communication is in process. Antenna material is studied and simulated which can reduce the electromagnetic radiation, the electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by our model material. There is widespread opposition caused to the installments of antennas and various other devices due to theĀ  damage caused to human cells due to majority exposure to them. In this paper we present a new mixture of material and simulations to reduce electromagnetic radiation reduction in the environment to a considerable extent. Rahmat Samii in the paper [10] has shown about SAR reduction of implanted planar inverted F antennas with Non-uniform width radiator, Implanted PIFA radiation can be reduced effectively. We have used a cylindrical PEC material in addition we have also used a brass material which is minimum to reduce and attain the objective of radiation minimization. The PEC material and brass substrate reduced the electromagnetic radiation by more than 52%.


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