Preprint / Version 1

Phishing Attacks: Detection and Prevention


  • Shujaat Ali University of Bradford



Phishing attacks, Phishing detection and prevention, Security


Phishing is a new sort of network attack in which an attacker constructs a duplicate of an existing Web page to trick users into providing personal, financial, or password information to what they believe is the Web site of their service provider. Phishing is one of the most severe cyber-security issues, resulting in financial losses for both businesses and individuals. Detecting phishing attacks with high precision has always been a difficult task. Visual similarity-based approaches are now quite effective at detecting phishing websites. The primary purpose of this article is to evaluate the detection and prevention of phishing attacks. This article will discuss how businesses and individuals can detect phishing attacks and prevent them from happening beforehand, therefore keeping
their data and personal and confidential data secure. While several methods are used to attempt a phishing attack, there are also many ways to detect and prevent them. This research paper will teach about how to detect and prevent some of the most common methods.


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