Preprint / Version 2

Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and styrene butadiene styrene Blends


  • Azwan Morni University of Putra Malaysia
  • Hansah Awang
  • Nur Hashima



In this particular piece of research, the morphology, impact strength, and tensile at a yield of ABS/SBS mixes were investigated. The melt blending technique was utilized in the preparation of the blends. The findings of the SEM analysis showed that the eventual morphological features of blends are dependent on the composition of the SBS. In mechanical tests, it was shown that the tensile at yield declined as the SBS content increased, and that the impact strength improved at low extents of SBS before decreasing as the SBS content increased


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2022-07-06 — Updated on 2022-07-13