Preprint / Version 1

Study of buckling of laminated plates under elliptical delamination


  • Tevfik Efeoğlu Karadeniz Technical University
  • İhsan Sert Karadeniz Technical University
  • Yaşar Kiziltaş Karadeniz Technical University
  • Hakan Tekin Karadeniz Technical University



The point of the work is to explore the role of elliptical delamination and delamination development on the buckling of laminated composite materials. The specific aspect of the behavior of composite materials will serve as the primary focus of the inquiry. The surface-to-surface contact option that is provided in the software that is used for the finite element approach has made it possible for delamination to both develops and grow. This was made possible because of the finite element approach. The component of the structure that was damaged as well as the portion of the structure that was untouched by the damage have both been modeled using well-known types of finite elements. The portion of the structure that had been damaged was modeled first. Following the completion of the relevant tests on the square plates, the numerical results are analyzed and contrasted with the findings of the aforementioned tests. Research on the progression of delamination utilizing the cohesive components approach has been explored. It uses the findings of an elliptical delamination modeling in the delaminated area and buckling load behavior specification to the impact of the position and the ratio of the ellipse's diameters. The goal of this work was to reach a deeper knowledge of the process through which delamination can become widespread.


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