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Contrasting Parallelized with Sequential Sorting


  • Anurag Dutta Mister



Parallel Computing, Sorting Algorithms, GPU, Microprocessors


Sorting is one of the important Data Management Techniques that is quite commonly operated on Data Structures. It has been proved that best, any sorting algorithm can do, in asymptotic versions is , when the iterations are made to run in sequential manner. But what if we parallelize them? Architectural advancements, like Amdahl’s Law have made use of the concept of Parallelism, and have successfully revolutionized the computing power of the microprocessors. In this paper, we will try to push the limit of computing, by making use of Graphical Processing unit and will briefly compare the efficiency of the algorithms acquainted with both the techniques, sequential as well and parallel in terms of running time. In the first section, we have included some of the preexisting works on this topic, and have mentioned about scopes of further improvement. From the next section onwards, we have slowly put together all the pillars required to support our work.


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Author Biography

Anurag Dutta, Mister