Preprint / Version 2

Ultrathin Graphene Metasurface-based Microwave Absorber


  • Yasir Hussain National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), Lahore)
  • Raza Baqir
  • Anam Anam



Graphene, metasurface, absorber, polarization-insensitive, FR4


Metamaterials based absorbers have numerous applications which includes sensors, solar cells, thermophotovoltaics, wireless communications, emitters, etc. In this work, a graphene based metamaterial absorber is designed and demonstrated to cover broad range of microwave frequencies. The FR4 substrate is used to design this absorber. To achieve the broadband absorption a graphene sheet is placed to the top of absorber. The designed absorber covers the X and Ku bands in microwave regime of electromagnetic (EM) spectrum.  Moreover, the polarization insensitivity and oblique incidence analysis is performed which shows that the designed structure is insensitive to polarization and incident angle of light. 


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2022-09-15 — Updated on 2023-02-27