Preprint / Version 1

Ratchet-Pawl Integration in Full Body Mechanical Rigid Wearable Exoskeleton


  • Deepanker Shukla Independent Researcher
  • Aryan Verma Independent Researcher
  • Sarthak Yadav Independent Researcher
  • Basetti Thejeswar Independent Researcher



Mechanical Design, Ratchet Pawl, Exoskeleton


The authors of this paper have documented the design process of certain configurations of ratchet-pawl mechanism to integrate into a full body exoskeleton with joints in such a way that the exoskeleton becomes a sort of lock for the user’s body and cannot be altered/moved without the user’s control while allowing maximum degree of freedom while allowing scope for further innovations. Liberties in dimensions, constraints and design process have been taken to create non-totalitarian solutions for certain types of body joints and have been kept only for design and workings. To the best of our knowledge no such integration of ratchet-pawl mechanism into mechanical wearable rigid full body exoskeleton in this certain configuration have been achieved before.


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