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Preprint / Version 1

CPM Stability in Complex Projects and Systems


  • Niv Yonat Ben Gurion University



CPM, Complex projects and infrastructure, Network stability, Project management, Risk


Critical Path Methods fail in complex projects. This article portrays how they fail, why they fail, and what remedies may be suggested, if at all. Capitalizing on morphological similarities, the research of complex projects’ CPM is coupled by research of complex infrastructure. Falsification procedure is applied to some common mathematical tools for stability analysis taken from evolutionary graph theory and network theory. Demonstration of morphology and risk impact on networks stability, evolution, viability kernel, modeling limitations, and on Entropy, is performed. Entropy has a pivotal role in explaining why various indexes such as criticality index and replicator equation lose their predictive capacity. The research analysis is conducted by numerical experiments, validated by case-studies, and evaluated by expertise. The contribution of this research is the addressing of the gap in understanding CPM systems failure, the suggestion of a possible predictive tool and the drive to return to the management of projects rather than the management of models. CPM is reduced to a descriptive tool for project management with a promising application to infrastructure management.  


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