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Optimizing Heterogeneous Resources for Open IoT Era


  • Yoji Yamato NTT Corporation
  • Naoto Hoshikawa
  • Hirofumi Noguchi
  • Tatsuya Demizu
  • Misao Kataoka



IoT, Tacit Computing, Open IoT, Multi Layer, Optimization, User Context


For open IoT, we have proposed Tacit Computing technology that allows users to discover and use devices with necessary data on demand, and have implemented its elemental technology. In this paper, we propose 3-layer optimization to reduce operating costs and improve performance in order to continuously use devices that have data necessary for users, which was discovered in Tacit Computing. In optimization, appropriate function allocation is performed in the device, network, and cloud layers before operation.


The Journal of the Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers, Vol.73, pp.815-818, 2019.


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