Preprint / Version 1

Evaluation of FPGA Reconfiguration after Service Launch


  • Yoji Yamato NTT Corporation



Environment Adaptive Software, Automatic Offloading, FPGA, Reconfiguration during Operation, Cost Performance


In order to make full use of heterogeneous hardware, it is necessary to have a technical skill of hardware such as OpenCL, and the current situation is that the barrier is high. Based on this background, I have proposed environment-adaptive software that enables high-performance operation by automatically converting application code written for normal CPUs by engineers according to the deployed environment and setting appropriate amount of resources. Until now, I only considered conversions and settings before the start of operation. In this paper, I verify that the logic is reconfigured according to the usage characteristics during operation. I confirm that the application running on the FPGA is reconfigured into another application according to the usage characteristics.

2022 Tenth International Symposium on Computing and Networking Workshops (CANDARW 2022).


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