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The MIMO data transfer line with quaternion carrier and time diversity


  • Vadim Sovetov 0000-0001-7715-7549



MIMO, quaternion, demodulation


It is known that MIMO technology makes it possible to increase the throughput of a communication channel by using a multidimensional signal space. Currently, the implementation of the MIMO scheme is carried out using several antennas for transmission and several for reception. To separate the information pulses, a space-time code is used, which is formed in the communication channel and represented in the form of a channel matrix.

The paper proposes a method for generating a MIMO 4×4 scheme using a quaternion carrier. A quaternion carrier is a quaternion written in polar form in a matrix representation. The quaternion carrier is modulated by multiplying it by a 4D vector of data pulses. The elements of the received modulated vector are transmitted over the communication channel by one antenna sequentially in time. Signal reception is also carried out by one antenna and is demodulated by multiplying the received vector by the transposed basis matrices of the quaternion carrier, followed by integration.

It is shown that with such processing, a MIMO scheme is implemented, in which each information element is exposed to various interferences, as a result of which the signal-to-noise ratio increases by 4 times.


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2023-01-10 — Updated on 2023-01-18