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Advancing the Frontiers of Edge Computing Opportunities, Challenges, and Applications


  • Arjun Biswas Independent Researcher



edge computing, cloud computing, computational engineering


This research paper provides an in-depth analysis of the current state and potential future directions of edge computing, a rapidly evolving field that offers significant opportunities for innovation and advancement. Edge computing has the potential to enable more intelligent decision-making, improve efficiency and scalability, and enhance security and privacy. However, it also presents significant challenges, including resource allocation and management, security and privacy, and interoperability.

Through an extensive review of the literature, this paper highlights the key challenges and opportunities facing the implementation of edge computing. The paper presents potential future research directions and applications, including optimization and resource allocation, security and privacy, machine learning and artificial intelligence, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and industry 4.0. The paper also includes case studies of edge computing in smart grids and agriculture, demonstrating the potential impact and importance of exploring these future applications.

The findings of this research paper suggest that by continuing to explore the potential of edge computing, we can unlock its full potential and enable a more intelligent, efficient, and secure future. This paper offers valuable insights for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers who are interested in the future scope of edge computing and its potential applications.


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