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The Efficient and Cost-effective Production of Isopropyl Alcohol using Tokuyama Soda Process: Design and Analysis of a Chemical Engineering Plant


  • Agilan Ms Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  • Mohammed Riyaz
  • Pratheekraj P Sheety
  • Mohammed Shaheer



In this study, a chemical engineering plant for the production of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) using the Tokuyama Soda Process has been designed. The feasibility of the process was analyzed using thermodynamic principles, and a detailed heat and mass balance were performed to determine the optimal conditions for the production of IPA. The design of key equipment such as the distillation column, heat exchanger, condenser, and reactor were also carried out. A Process andInstrumentation Diagram (PID) was developed to illustrate the process flow and control systems. Finally, a cost analysis was conducted to estimate the capital and operating costs of the plant. The results of the study show that the designed plant has the potential to produce IPA efficiently and cost-effectively, meeting the quality requirements of the target market. The study demonstrates the importance of thorough analysis and design in developing efficient and effective chemical engineering processes.


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2023-03-08 — Updated on 2023-03-09