Preprint / Version 1

Electric Vehicle in Distribution Grids


  • Volkan Sezar University of Ankara
  • Mohammad Hasan Ahmadian
  • Vahid Vaseghi
  • Bita Omid



With the presence of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) in the distribution grid as a load, grid losses increase dramatically, which can have adverse effects on parameters such as deployment, cost, profit, etc. But if EV’s are connected to the grid, by managing their charging and discharging, positive effects can be created in the load curve and grid losses can be reduced. In this paper, the effect of the presence of different types of EV’s with different capacities and the absence of EV’s on grid losses have been compared with each other considering the daily load curve. The simulation in DIGSILENT software has been done on a 74-bus distribution grid with IEEE standards considering and with 1000 vehicles. The results show well the effect of EV’s charging and discharging on grid losses.


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