Preprint / Version 1

Design and Development of Four-Wheel Steering for All Terrain Vehicle (A.T.V)


  • Vishnu Murali Research Student at Hochscule Aalen
  • Akash MR
  • Nitin H
  • Suparshwa Pandit



Four-wheel steering, all-terrain vehicle


It is evident and factual that most of the vehicles exercise a two-wheel steering mechanism as their main handling system. However, the efficiency of the two-wheel steering vehicle is proven to be lower when compared to four-wheel steering vehicles. A Four-wheel steering system can be implemented in the vehicles to improve the steering response and stability of the vehicle while cruising at a certain speed and to decrease the turning radius at low speeds effectively. All-terrain vehicles are those which see a wider and potential platform in off-roading. So, it is evident that incorporating the four-wheel steering system in an ATV would increase the maneuverability of the vehicle in rough terrains.


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