Preprint / Version 1

Comparison on the Use of Steel Fiber Reinforced and Geopolymer Concrete as a Tunnel Lining under Seismic Conditions


  • Orhun Kalyoncu Bogazici University



Steel fiber reinforced concrete, Geopolymer concrete, Tunnel lining, Earthquake performance, Soil-structure interaction


In recent decades, different alternatives towards construction materials have been offered for such implementations as retrofitting and strengthening of existing buildings. These applications have also become widespread in outstanding structures. Reinforcement via fiber reinforced polymers has been used in tunnel structures. Furthermore, geopolymer concrete which has low CO2 emissions during manufacture, and has been user friendly in terms of alkaline reagents with some additives, is an alternative way during the construction. The aim of this research presented in this paper is to show the effectiveness of such innovative applications to be used as the primary materials for outstanding structures. Static and dynamic analyses of these materials on the case study located in East Black Sea surroundings called T3 Gubuket Tunnel are carried out by using ANSYS software for tunnel linings constructed with steel fiber reinforced concrete and geopolymer concrete. The final evaluation is taken into account as far as earthquake performance of tunnel structures based on each tunnel linings was concerned.


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