Preprint / Version 1

Breaking privilege paradoxes: Ethical framework for AI advancement in an unequal world


  • Shivansh Kumar C.S.E graduate



Artificial General Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, privilege, ethics, system design, Computer Architecture


In an age of rapid technological advancement and the proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), The concept of addressing privilege paradoxes emerges as a crucial ethical imperative. These paradoxes encompass the subtle interplay between inherent advantages and systemic disparities that exist within society. This paper delves into the multidimensional landscape of privilege paradoxes and explores how integrating them as core principles within AI systems can drive equitable decision-making, learning, and cognitive control. Through an in-depth examination of the principles, examples, and the synergy they foster, this research presents a framework for fostering understanding, reducing suffering, and promoting universal prosperity. The implications of embracing these principles extend beyond AI into domains such as education, criminal justice, and social interactions. By discussing their integration, potential challenges, and the role of trust, this paper contributes to the discourse on building ethical AI systems that navigate intricate sociocultural dynamics while advancing a more equitable future.


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