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Artificial Intelligence In Self-Driving: Study of Advanced Current Applications


  • Guirrou Hamza ENSAM, Mohammed V University Rabat, Morocco.
  • Mohamed Zeriab Es-sadek ENSAM, Mohammed V University Rabat, Morocco.
  • Youssef Taher Center of Guidance and Planning of Education Rabat, Morocco



Self Driving, Navigation, Perception, Path Planning, Vehicle control, Artificial Intelligence, ADAS, V2X, SLAM, Sensor Fusion


In this paper, we investigate the advances of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of self-driving technology. We provide an overview of the key processes involved in autonomous navigation, including perception, mapping, localization, path planning, and motion control. We highlight the crucial role of AI in the development of self-driving technologies, in particular Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning Networks (DLN), and Computer Vision Techniques (CVT). Special attention is also given to various existing navigation approaches and the role of ADAS in assisting the driver in various tasks. We discuss how AI is used to solve the various environmental challenges faced by automotive sensors and the contribution of v2x communication and the SLAM system to safe and efficient navigation. Finally, We conclude with potential future research segments and opportunities for AI in the self-driving industry. Overall, this study emphasizes the growing importance of AI in the development of self-driving technology and its potential to revolutionize the transportation industry.


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