Preprint / Version 1

Technical notes on Fundamental Experiments of Firefighting using Bubble Curtain and Underwater Dispersion for Oil Burning on Water Surface


  • Isamu Fujita Port and Airport Research Inst.



Tsunami fires, Bubble curtains, Underwater dispersion extinguishing, Firefighting techniques


The Great East Japan Earthquake caused many industrial facilities to release oil into the ocean, with some of the spills igniting and resulting in substantial fire damage. Responding to these tsunami fires requires developing techniques for extinguishing fires and preventing the spread of offshore oil spill fires. In light of these challenges, we conducted research into response methods, specifically examining the efficacy of bubble curtains for fire containment. Furthermore, we investigated the use of underwater dispersion extinguishing as a firefighting technique for extinguishing burning oil on the surface of water by dispersing it into the water below. We conducted small-scale experiments for fundamental validation, and confirmed that both methods show promise as effective approaches for responding to burning oil on the water surface.


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