Preprint / Version 1

COVID-19 Pandemic Data Analysis and Prediction Using Machine-Learning Algorithms


  • MD. RASEL UDDIN University of Information Technology and Sciences



COVID-19, Machine learning, Coronavirus, Data Analysis, Regression


ABSTRACT: The COVID-19 pandemic is a disaster for the world. Researchers across the world are working hard to control the pandemic fully. Though the vaccine has been invented, the pandemic seems not to be in full control. So, researchers are analyzing the COVID-19 data and trying to predict the pandemic trend. In this paper, using the current COVID-19 pandemic data, we will analyze and predict the behavior of the COVID-19 pandemic using machine learning algorithms to help make decisions to control the pandemic fully. Many machine learning models have been used for prediction around the world. We have collected data on the COVID-19 pandemic from the period December 2019 to 27 August 2021. This paper has analyzed COVID-19 patient data to help resist the potential COVID-19 infection. This study will help governments, authorities, doctors, and leaders prepare a plan to control pandemics in the future.


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