Preprint / Version 1

Machine Intelligence in Metamaterials Design


  • Gabrielis Cerniauskas The University of Edinburgh
  • Haleema Sadia The University of Edinburgh
  • Parvez Alam The University of Edinburgh



AI-driven machine vision, metamaterials


Machine intelligence continues to rise in popularity as an aid to the design and discovery of novel metamaterials. The properties of metamaterials are essentially controllable via their architectures and until recently, the design process has relied on a combination of trial-and-error and physics-based methods for optimization. These processes can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if the design space for metamaterial optimization is explored thoroughly. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can be used to overcome challenges like these as pre-processed massive metamaterial datasets can be used to very accurately train appropriate models. The models can be broad, describing properties, structure, and function at numerous levels of hierarchy, using relevant inputted knowledge. Here, we present a comprehensive review of the literature where state-of-the-art machine intelligence is used for the design, discovery and development of metamaterials. In this review, individual approaches are categorized based on methodology and application. We further present machine intelligence trends over a wide range of metamaterial design problems including: acoustics, photonics, plasmonics, mechanics, and more. Finally, we identify and discuss recent research directions and highlight current gaps in knowledge.


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