Preprint / Version 1

Humans in Loops for Deep Learning Transfer based on Principles of Recursive Neural Networks




Human Computer Interaction, Machine Teaching, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Deep Learning Transfer


With Advancement of HCAI and HCI design, Human Centered Artificial Intelligence is mainly focused on AI design support, moreover our past research aspects are concerned with facilitate social participation which we referred as data screening methodology based on ITU Recommendations. Shneiderman
(2020) mentioned about three approaches out of which we considered first one i.e, two dimensional HCAI frame works which shows possibility of balancing high levels of Human Control and Automation. Basically Automated Human Control is on trajectory of Artificiality based on Statistical Measure between complexity of artifacts and de-materialization, moreover automation and human control is based on involvement of people’s thought process where state of mind unleashes idea's or errors in cyclic order which is referred as “human in loops”(HITL) based on decision Making process or "translations" scientific definition. To be precise it’s a two dimensional space where human intuition works on principles of Machines.


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