Preprint / Version 1

A proposal for adopting environmental adaptation of IoT terminals


  • Yoji Yamato NTT Corporation



Environment Adaptive Software, IoT Services, IoT Platform Setting, Effective Creation, Automatic Building


We proposed the concept of environment-adaptive software, which automatically converts and configures software code written for normal CPUs in order to operate appropriately where it is deployed. This paper proposes a method for automatically building IoT services from user-specified processing logic and IoT data, aiming at incorporating IoT devices with few resources into environmental adaptation. On the basis of the user's selection of basic services, the proposed method discovers common functions required for services using function block detection technology, combines them with user-specified processing logic, and configures processing in the IoT PF and IoT GW to build a service. The effectiveness of the proposal is shown by comparing the numbers of lines written when building a service manually and building a service using the proposed method.

IEICE Technical Report, NS2023-124, Copyright(C)2023 IEICE


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