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Cyber Diplomacy

Cyber Diplomacy: Defining the Opportunities for Cybersecurity and Risks from Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchains, and Quantum Computing




Cyber Intelligence, cybersecurity, Cloud Cybersecurity Standards, Cybersecurity, cybersecurity, combinatorics, factorial identity, communication, Cybersecurity in Manufacturing, Internet of Things, Blockchain technologies, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, AI, ML, Cryptocurrencies


Cyber diplomacy is critical in dealing with the digital era's evolving cybersecurity dangers and possibilities. This article investigates the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchains, and Quantum Computing on cyber diplomacy. AI holds the potential for proactive threat identification and response, while IoT enables international information sharing. Blockchains enable secure data sharing and document verification, but they also pose new threats, such as AI-driven cyber-attacks, IoT privacy breaches, blockchain vulnerabilities, and the potential for quantum computing to break encryption. This article conducts case study reviews in combination with secondary data analysis and emphasises the value of international cooperation in developing global norms and frameworks to control responsible technology adoption. Cyber diplomacy can promote cybersecurity, protect national interests, and foster mutual trust among nations in the digital sphere by capitalising on possibilities and reducing threats.


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