Preprint / Version 1

Simultaneous Multicomponent Topology Optimization using Unilateral Contact-Constraints


  • Timo Hendrik Schmidt Hamburg University of Technology
  • Robert Seifried Hamburg University of Technology



Topology Optimization, contact, Simultaneous optimization, joint optimization


In this paper, the framework for topology optimization considering unilateral contact-constraints of Strömberg and Klarbring is extended to assemblies. Here, an assembly consists of two or more components that are connected via joints. The unilateral characteristic of the contact inside each joint is considered, and the topology of all components of the assembly are optimized simultaneously. Therefore, linear-elastic material is considered and the augmented Lagrangian approach is used to model the unilateral contact. For topology optimization, the SIMP-approach is applied to all members of the assembly and different filtering techniques such as sensitivity filtering, density filtering or projection filtering can be applied on each member independently. In consequence, the global design space of the optimization consists of the normalized densities of all members of the assembly. Using the proposed approach, one can optimize a topology for the whole assembly instead of optimizing all members of the assembly independently. This is of major importance, since changes in the topology of any member will lead to changes in the force transfer at the joints, which in consequence influences the optimization of all members of the assembly.


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