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Exploring Pivotal Dynamics of the Technological Job Market Through Data Analysis

Analyzing Trends, Skills, and Opportunities in the Evolving Tech Industry


  • Harini Anand PES University
  • Aishwarya Srinivasan Microsoft for Startups



Job Market Trends, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, AI Engineering, Cloud Architecture, Job Titles, Job Locations, Company Ratings, Job Reviews, Job Benefits, Remote Work Trends, Digitalization, Skill Requirements, Emerging Tech Hubs, Salary Distribution, Flexible Schedules, Health Insurance, Post-Pandemic Job Market, Workforce Dynamics


The job market is transforming rapidly due to technological advancements, post-pandemic shifts, and evolving skill requirements. Utilizing a dataset of 350,000 job postings from Grepsr, this study analyzes current trends in job titles, locations, company ratings, reviews, and benefits.

We observe a high demand for roles in machine learning, data science, AI engineering, and cloud architecture, indicating increasing digitalization. Geographical analysis shows a shift from traditional tech hubs like San Francisco to emerging centers such as Boston, driven by remote work trends.

The study highlights the competitive landscape for ML talent, with top tech firms leading in hiring. Flexible schedules and health insurance are the most valued benefits. Salary analysis reveals that tech-centric regions like San Francisco offer the highest average salaries.

Our findings provide valuable insights for job seekers, employers, and policymakers to navigate the dynamic job market effectively.

Thanks to Grepsr for providing the dataset used in this analysis. Their powerful web scraping services deliver high-quality, instantly actionable data, and supports everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies to extract data-driven insights.


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