Preprint / Version 1

A Study of Shear failure in beams and strengthening with bolted side plate (BSP)


  • Sina Soltanpour Khazaei Khayyam University



For various structural challenges, reinforcement is indispensable. This study investigates the method of strengthening reinforced concrete beams with bolted side plates (BSP). The model's validity is established using Abaqus finite element software and validated against Su et al.'s 2010 laboratory model. Fourteen models explore parameters such as different sheet widths, thicknesses, angles, and lengths. Results reveal that widening the sheet from 75 mm to 300 mm increases beam resistance from approximately 160 KN to 240 KN (33%). Similarly, using sheets with thicknesses of 6 mm and 9 mm results in resistance increases of 27% and 57%, respectively. Analysis of sheet angles (30, 45, and 60 degrees) indicates that lower angles relative to the horizon enhance stress tolerance in sheets farther from the support.


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