Preprint / Version 1

Foundational Mechanics and Baseline Simulation of the Diaphragm


  • Shafin Ula Dulles High School



Diaphragm, Simulation, Python, Biomechanics, Applied mathematics


The absence of experimentation and analysis regarding the mechanics of the Diaphragm in the active state or the tetanized state of the Diaphragm muscle signals for a need of research to account and simulate the mechanics of this particular state. To simulate a basic structure of the diaphragm in a certain period, mathematical equations outlining the shape of the diaphragm generated by Prof. Yi-Chao Chen from the University of Houston from previous experimentations was utilized in the simulation code. Consequently, a video was created that provided a base simulation of the mechanics and motion of the diaphragm during its expansion and contraction phases. This study and any associated code serves as a foundation for the advancement of the collective research of our lab group, with the lead investigator being Prof. Yi-Chao Chen and as a gateway for future research on the mechanics and mathematics associated with the Diaphragm motion in the active state.


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