Preprint / Version 1

Mesh and Nodal Analysis through MATLAB Program

A preprint that demonstrates how to use MATLAB to solve cramer's equations of Mesh and Nodal Analysis


  • Aryan Karamtoth Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science



circuit analysis, crammers method, matlab, electrical engineering, simulink


Electrical Engineering is one of the most versatile fields in engineering. It primarily deals with electricity and electronics.

One such part of electrical engineering is circuits, which are the backbone of an electrical appliance. Every circuit of an appliance is unique and care must be taken to analyse and design the circuit properly and ensure that the voltage requirements are met.

This is where circuit analysis steps in.

It helps us identify the amount of voltages and currents passing at any point in the circuit and help us develop efficient circuits to ensure maximum power transfer, balanced voltages and preventing failures in the circuits.

There are various analysis methods of circuits but the most basic ones are Mesh and Nodal Analysis.

In Mesh Analysis, we consider each closed loop as a mesh and solve the equations formed using Kirchoff's Voltage Law and determine the Mesh currents.

In Nodal Analysis, we consider the junctions as nodes and solve the equations formed using Kirchoff's Current Law and determine the Node Voltages.

This is a calculation intense process and it's very easy to get wrong values.

Hence, this preprint demonstrates a software tool called Crammer's Ark which is a tool developed by Aryan Karamtoth (Student of Kakatiya Institute of Technology and Science) to quickly solve the cramer's equations formed using Mesh and Nodal Analysis.



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