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Novel Hyperelastic Models for Large Volumetric Deformations




Expansion, Finite Element Analysis, Finite Strain, Hyperelasticity, Shrinkage, Volumetric Deformations


Materials such as elastomeric foams, lattices, and cellular solids are capable of undergoing large elastic volume changes. Although many hyperelastic constitutive formulations have been proposed for deviatoric (shape changing) behaviour, few variations exist for large deformation volumetric behaviour. The first section of this paper presents a critical analysis of current volumetric hyperelastic models and highlights their limitations for large volumetric strains. In the second section of the paper we propose three novel volumetric strain energy density functions, which: 1) are valid for large volumetric deformations, 2) offer separate control of the volumetric strain stiffening behaviour during shrinkage (volume reduction) and expansion (volume increase), and 3) provide precise control of non-monotonic volumetric strain stiffening. To illustrate the ability of the novel formulations to capture complex volumetric material behaviour they are fitted and compared to a range of published experimental data.


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2019-02-05 — Updated on 2019-02-05