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Crevice corrosion




corrosion, crevice, materials, nickel alloys, pitting, seawater, stainless steels


Today, there is a large number of accepted tests to study crevice corrosion phenomena. The different methodologies can be used for comparing and ranking alloys, quality control, assessing the effects of changes in manufacturing routes and alloy composition on crevice corrosion resistance, as well as in evaluations to determine critical temperatures and potentials and induction times. The goal of the chapter is to describe the various standard test methods available to the corrosion specialist as well as adaptations to study specific crevice corrosion parameters. The focus is on test methods developed by the ASTM Committee G-1 on corrosion of metals, but other procedures are also included. While the test principles have been applied to many alloy systems, the scope of the chapter is on stainless steels and nickel-based alloys.


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