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Preprint / Version 19

Solar One


  • Alberto Caballero



DE-STAR, interstellar, interstellar travel, laser propulsion, light sails, solar sails, starshot


In this paper it is presented the concept and design of a new type of spacecraft that could be used to make the first manned interstellar travel. Solar one would integrate three near-term technologies, namely: the US Navy CFR fusion reactor, a larger version of NASA’s Sunjammer light sail, and an array of DE-STAR laser systems. A system of Fresnel lenses and flexible mirrors to propel the sail with sunlight is suggested as an alternative to this array. With a mile-long light sail, Solar One could reach an average of 22% the speed of light, arriving to the closest potentially habitable exoplanet in less than 19 years with the help of a Bussard scoop. Key challenges are reducing the weight of continuous-wave lasers and compact fusion reactors as well as achieving cryo-sleep and artificial gravity.


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