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Wind and Rain Losses for Metal-clad Contemporary Houses Subjected to Non-cyclonic Windstorms




Severe windstorms cause millions in losses annually for housing in Southeast Australia that has more than half of Australia’s population. The risk assessment for housing in these non-cyclonic regions is the key to assessing the cost-effectiveness of relevant wind mitigation measures to reduce the economic losses. This study develops a probabilistic risk assessment framework to evaluate the wind and rain losses for Australian contemporary houses subjected to non-cyclonic windstorms, which integrates the hazard modelling for extreme wind and associated rainfall, reliability-based wind damage assessment, rainwater intrusion evaluation and economic loss modelling. The risk analysis was conducted for metal-clad contemporary houses in Brisbane and Melbourne. It was found that damage to building interior and contents 18 caused by rainwater intrusion associated with extreme winds is the major contributor to the annual expected economic losses, and houses in Brisbane are generally subjected to higher losses than houses in Melbourne.


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2020-03-03 — Updated on 2020-03-03