Preprint / Version 1

Supply Chain of Renewable Energies: Evaluation and Analysis of 20 Years of Scholarly Literature


  • Iman Rahimi university of technology sydney
  • Javad Nematian



This study is the first analysis of 20 years of scholarly literature in supply chain of renewable energies and provides an evaluation and analysis for the most relevant journals and keywords. All related the papers including research articles, reviews, book/book chapters, conference papers, etc., between 2000 and 2020 have been extracted and have been analyzed using Excel and RStudio. Scopus and Web of Science as two well-known databases are used to extract data. The analysis shows that "wind energy" has been attracted by many researchers as a source of renewable energy and "optimization", specifically metaheurics, as an approach are used as a methodology. The last sections discuss future trends and conclusion.


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